Birthdays are easy at Tinkertown

No Reservations required, You can have a party any day and anytime we are open.
No deposits
No time limit, within our operating hours of course
Must have at least 6 or more children, Adults not included.
Just come to the ticket box on the day of the party with your entire group.
Make staff aware you are hosting a party and the number of children and you will be charged accordingly.
One person is to pay for the entire group. This means one payment only.
Have a late guest or not sure if you are expecting 9 or 10 children? No problem, just purchase for 10, no shows are refunded, as long as you purchase at least 6.
Wristbands are put on by Tinkertown staff at the ticket box after payment, no exceptions.
Add ons are Not allowed.
Shelters and picnic areas are on a first come first serve basis. We can accommodate many birthday parties.
Yes, you can bring your own food. But be aware we do not store any outside food.
Absolutely no barbeques or cooking equipment of any kind are allowed.
No silly string or pinatas allowed.
Please remember No Reservations are required.

Birthday Parties

Have your birthday party at TINKERTOWN! With 6 or more paying children attending the party (no free passes), pay a special rate of only $16.00 (tax incl.) per child for the all day Wrist Band. Purchase your total number of wrist tickets needed for party. One payment only! No shows will be refunded. This rate applies to children only.

Daycare Groups

(Applies to July and August only) Only $13.00 (tax incl.) per child and $13.00 for extra staff. Please make sure to register your daycare to receive the special discounted rate. Call 204-257-8095, leave message with return contact person and phone number.