Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Tinkertown. If you have questions concerning Birthday Parties, please see our Birthday Party FAQ section below.

1. What days are you open and what are your hours?

Our open times vary and are also dependant on cooperative weather. Please see our calendar of dates and times for more information.

2. How old does my child have to be to enjoy Tinkertown?

At Tinkertown we don’t discriminate against age. For your safety and protection, height and physical limitation restrictions are imposed on our rides. See our ride height restrictions for more details.

3. Does everyone need a wrist ticket or coupon?

Yes. Every rider must have either a wrist ticket or a coupon. Wristbands must be worn at all times.

4. What type of surface covers the grounds at Tinkertown?

Tinkertown has three very distinct surface coverings: Pavement, Gravel, and Grass

5. Does Tinkertown have areas that provide shade during the summer heat?

Yes. Tinkertown is located completely outdoors and is surrounded by mature trees. There are many areas that a person or persons can find relief from a hot summer midday sun. Relax for awhile in nature’s shade and rejoin the fun and activities feeling refreshed and ready for more!

6. How long will a day at Tinkertown consist of?

You may attend from opening to closing. There is no time limit on wrist tickets. They are valid for the entire day on the day they are purchased. See our calendar for hours of operation.

7. May I transfer the wrist ticket once I have purchased it?

No. It is important to remember that the wrist ticket is only valid for the person it was purchased for and must be worn at all times. Guests seen or caught transferring tickets may be expelled from Tinkertown. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child’s wrist band remains on.

8. May I bring my own BBQ equipment?

No. You may bring a picnic lunch but no BBQ’s or anything similar to a BBQ is allowed. This is a safety issue and Tinkertown will enforce it for the well-being of all the guests. Your co-operation is always appreciated.

9. Do you have swimming facilities/pool etc.?

No. Tinkertown does not have any swimming facilities.

10. May I bring a small pet on a leash along?

No. No pets are allowed on the grounds regardless of their size. Tinkertown entertains two legged guests and sometimes the two legged and four legged ones are not compatible. For the safety and pleasure of all, please leave your pet safely at home or in the care of a friend. Your pet will be happier with this arrangement as well!

11. Should I bring my own stroller?

Yes. If you have a stroller, we suggest you bring it even if you are not sure you may use it. Better to be prepared for child exhaustion than to look for a solution under stress. Tinkertown does have strollers available for a nominal fee. A refundable deposit is required. Quantities are limited.

12. Is Tinkertown wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Tinkertown wants everyone to enjoy themselves in the “Town Where the Train Goes Around!”

13. Is there public bus transit to Tinkertown?

No. Tinkertown is not on any transit route. We are very easy to find and car pooling is always encouraged. Attend with friends and family to make it a day to remember!

14. Is there a charge for parking and admission?

No. The gate admission is free and parking is also free. We do ask that the larger trucks, motor homes, trailers, busses, etc. use the overflow south parking lot. This will help to ensure the safety for the people and traffic in the main lot as it is always a busy place.

15. Is there food available at Tinkertown?

Yes. Tinkertown’s concessions offer a wide variety of food, beverages, candy and ice cream. See our Rides & Attractions page for our available selection.

16. What types of payment are accepted at Tinkertown?

Tickets may be purchased using Cash, Visa, MasterCard or Interac. The Gift Shop accepts Cash, Visa and MasterCard. Food and Games are cash only. An ATM is available onsite.

17. Is there a first aid station onsite at Tinkertown?

Yes. The First Aid station is located at Tinkertown Golf.

18. The weather looks “iffy”. Will Tinkertown be open today?

A decision will be made by 11:00 am as to whether or not Tinkertown opens if the weather is a concern. If the weather looks doubtful to you, please call before coming out. 204.257.8095

19. What is Tinkertown’s policy on refunds and rain checks?

There are no refunds or rain checks. For more details, see our Ticket Rates.

FAQ on Birthday Parties

1. Do I have to make a reservation for my child’s birthday party?

No. Tinkertown can accommodate many parties on any given day. Just come to the ticket booth with your entire group and purchase your Party Pak.

2. Can I book a specific area or picnic site?

No. All birthday parties are a first come, first choice basis. There are many sites available throughout Tinkertown. The only areas excluded for private birthday use are located beside the main concession area.

3. Do you supply a food package?

No. Tinkertown offers a wide variety of food, beverages, candy and ice cream at our concessions.

4. Do you supply a birthday cake?

No. Tinkertown does not supply birthday cakes.

5. May we bring our own birthday cake?

Yes. You may bring your own cake. However, be advised that Tinkertown does not have the facilities to provide storage for you birthday cake or any other accessories.

6. Does Tinkertown supply a host or hostess?

No. You are responsible for supervising your own birthday group.

7. May I bring my own food?

Yes. However only a picnic lunch. No BBQ equipment is allowed.

8. Is there a time limit for the birthday party?

No. You may stay as long as you wish or as long as your birthday child wishes –whichever comes first, from opening to closing on the day of the party.

9. Do you have an age limit for children’s birthday parties?

Yes. Birthday Party Paks are available for any child under the age of 18 years.

10. May I use a coupon with the Birthday Party Pak special rate?

No. Tinkertown reserves the right to refuse to combine special offers – this includes all functions and special rates as stated. Please see our Ticket Rates for more information.

11. Can I have silly string or pinatas at my party?

Sorry, no silly string or pinatas